Answer Keys for Blog Chapter 4

Answers to Acts 3:12-26 Study Guide

v12 Israel; v13 Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, our; v14 you; v17 brethren, you, your rulers; v18 announced beforehand (foretold), prophets; Q fulfillment of promises, not hidden; v19 repent, return, wiped away (Gr. like “Bounty, the quicker picker-upper”), times of refreshing; Q like “the Days of the King”, Christ’s Millennial Kingdom; v20 you; v21 restoration, things, prophets; Q restoration of all things = re-establishment of David’s throne and setting right all the injustices done to Israel over the centuries; Q prophesied; v22 Moses, prophet, brethren; v23 prophet, people; v24 prophets; Q an earthly kingdom for Israel; v25 sons, fathers, Abraham; v26 first, you; Q No.  Peter’s audience, identified by “Men of Israel” in v12 and to which all personal pronouns like “you” and “your” in the passage point, considered themselves to have been distinguished by God from the gentiles in Abraham.  The Bible records the history of God’s chosen people from Chapter 12 of Genesis up to the Apostle Paul’s revelation of the Mystery.  In that history, beginning with Abraham, are contained the prophetic promises of an earthly kingdom that would dominate – and bless – the world.  At this point in the narrative the Gospel of the Millennial Kingdom is the only Gospel in operation.

Answers to The Second Imprisonment post (Acts 5:27-42)

  • They were successfully living communally (4:32)
  • They were daily witnessing miracles done by the apostles (4:33, 5:12)
  • They were gathering daily on the Temple grounds in the area called Solomon’s Portico (5:12)
  • They were under the authority of the apostles, and especially Peter (4:35, 5:3)
  • Peter and John have been arrested, tried and released under threat by the rulers and elders of Israel (4:8)
  • Peter has addressed Jews and proselytes (2:5, 2:10)
  • Peter’s message has been to repent and be baptized (2:38) for having crucified the Messiah (2:36)
  • If Israel does so, the result will be the coming of her promise(2:39), the times of refreshing (3:19) revealed to them through the prophets (3:18), where all the nations of the world will be ruled and blessed through Israel (3:25)
  • In the process, the Great Tribulation and judgement of earthly kings and nations will take place (4:24-30)
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