Evolution, Three Kings… and Acts

Before proceeding in the passage at hand, I’d like to add a brief personal note here.  It was my privilege over the past couple of weeks to assist with a live nativity put on by some good country friends, and to attend an Answers in Genesis conference.  Before the nativity we were visiting about the things people believe about the Christmas story that the Bible doesn’t say.  The most famous of those is the number and nature of the wise men.  While there were three gifts (or three types of gifts), the Bible doesn’t say there were three wise men, nor does it say they were kings!  The Answers in Genesis conference, of course, pointed out the incompatibilities of evolution with a literal reading of the Bible.  Most people assume today that if God created the heavens and the earth, He took millions of years to do it and used the process of evolution as His tool.  However, a careful reading of the opening chapters of Genesis is undeniably contrary to this!

I would guess that most of my readers consider themselves to be biblical Christians, and consider the Bible to be without error in its original languages and manuscripts.  If it is indeed without error and Genesis says God created the heavens and the earth in six days, then we cannot truthfully say it took 600 million years.  God, being who He is, of course would be able to create the heavens and the earth in six milliseconds, six seconds, six hours, six days, six months, six years, six thousand years or 600 million years, at His choosing.  Having all of these options at His supernatural omnipotent disposal, He chose six days and described it accurately in the manual that came with the planet!  If He took 600 million years to do it and then said He took 6 days, that would make Him a…  well, you get my impossible drift.  In the same way, He inspired Matthew, Mark and Luke to describe the Christmas story accurately.

Where do we go astray?  We jump to the interpretations we have been taught rather than observing for ourselves what the Bible says.  We laugh at ourselves for our former ignorance once someone points out the myths we believe and shows us what it really says — and doesn’t say.  Now, my friends, why do some of you balk so much at seeing what the book of Acts says?  If you understand the myths of evolution and Christmas, it is because someone pointed them out to you and you checked it out for yourself to see if it was true.  That, of course, is the Berean way!  Why not add an accurate observational understanding of Acts to your list of busted myths?  As the speaker at the Answers in Genesis conference so aptly put it, “We need to start listening to what God says, and stop trying to tell Him what He really meant!”

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