Answer Keys for Chapter 5

Answers for “A Tipping Point”

  • With what person does Stephen begin relating this history lesson? (7:2) Abraham  (Thought Question: Why doesn’t he begin with Adam?  Because his message has to do only with the nation of Israel, which originated in Abraham.)
  • What did Abraham not inherit in his lifetime, but which was promised to his offspring? (7:5) land  (Thought Question: Is that different from what we are promised today? Believers today have their hope in Heaven, not land on the Earth.)
  • What else did God promise Abraham? (7:6-7) slavery in Egypt for 400 years, and that after that time God would bring them back to their land
  • Did that prophecy come true? (7:8-36)  Yes  (Thought Question:  Was Stephen against Moses or ignorant of the importance of Moses role in Israel’s history?  Neither.  He understood Moses’ place in God’s scheme of things better than the entire High Council put together, and because he was obedient to the Spirit in believing Jesus was the Messiah, he probably held Moses in higher esteem that the Council did.)

Answers for “Who is this Saul?”

  1. Saul was born in Tarsus in the region of Cilicia.
  2. Saul’s father and possibly his grandfather were Pharisees.
  3. Saul was more advanced in his understanding of Judaism than his contemporaries.
  4. Saul was a descendant of Abraham.
  5. Saul was born a Roman citizen.
  6. Saul was zealous concerning the Jewish traditions.
  7. Saul himself was a Pharisee.
  8. At the time of Stephen’s death, Saul was a young man. (See Acts 7:58)
  9. Saul’s principal teacher was Gamaliel.
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