Answer Keys for Chapter 6

Answers for “The Purpose of Miracles”

1. Who did God commission Moses to bring out of Egypt? Israel

2. What did God enable Moses to do so that they would believe God had sent him? miracles

3. Miracles are a scientific fascination to us, but to an Israelite they certify that the one performing them is sent by God.

4. Asaph lamented the destruction and captivity of the Southern Kingdom in Psalm 74.  What did he say was missing from their experience as they were dragged away to Babylon as slaves?  signs To Asaph, the absence of them indicated that God was no longer with them.

5.  What did the scribes and pharisees ask of Jesus?  to see a sign  (Note that the verses in Matthew leading up to this one concerned the accusation that Jesus’ power came from Satan; He gave them no sign because He knew they were only looking for more ammunition to prove that His power came from Satan)

6. What does Paul say the Jews require for proof of God’s authority? signs  What do the Gentiles require for proof? wisdom (the Greek philosphers decided what was “truth” by who won the debate in the forum).  Note that in the very next verse Paul says the gospel and authority of God are proved through preaching Christ crucified, something that neither Jew nor Gentile seeks!

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