The Full Outline

Here is the full outline of Acts 10:1 through 11:18 as promised in the previous post, including the few lines we already developed.  If you took me up on the challenge, compare your outline to mine!

  1. Cornelius’ and Peter’s visions (10:1-16)
    1. Cornelius’ vision (10:1-8)
      1. Cornelius described (vv1-2)
      2. Cornelius meets an angel (vv3-6)
      3. Cornelius sends for Peter (vv7-8)
    1. Peter’s vision (10:9-16)
      1. Peter is praying about noon just before Cornelius’ emissaries arrive; he gets hungry and asks for a meal, but falls into a trance before it arrives (vv9-10)
      2. A vision of a big sheet filled with all kinds of animals is lowered from heaven; a voice tells him to kill an animal and eat it, but he refuses because the animals are ceremonially unclean types; the voice tells him that if God has cleansed them, they no longer are unclean (v11-15)
      3. The vision repeats three times; each time the sheet is taken back up into heaven immediately (v16)
  2. Peter comes to Cornelius’ house (10:17-48)
    1. Peter receives and accompanies Cornelius’ servants (10:17-24a)
      1. While Peter is wondering what the vision means, Cornelius’ emissaries arrive (vv17-18)
      2. The Holy Spirit tells Peter about them and tells him to go with them without misgivings, for He Himself sent them (vv19-20)
      3. Peter identifies himself and asks why they have come (v21)
      4. They describe Cornelius, and that an angel had directed him to send for Peter to speak to him and his household (v22)
      5. Peter provides overnight lodging, and on the following morning they depart for Caesarea, arriving the next day (vv23-24a)
    2. Peter and Cornelius meet (10:24b-33)
      1. Cornelius gathers his friends and relatives (v24b)
      2. When Peter arrives, Cornelius falls at his feet and worships him (v25)
      3. Peter tells him to rise, for he is also just a man like Cornelius (v26)
      4. Peter notices that there are many people gathered in Cornelius home (v27)
      5. Peter tells them all that Jews would not associate with gentiles, but that God had convinced him otherwise, and that’s why he came without raising any objections, he asks Cornelius why he was sent for (vv28-29)
      6. Cornelius explains about the angel that appeared to him (vv30-33a)
      7. Cornelius concludes by asking Peter to speak all that the Lord has commanded (v33b)
    3. Peter preaches to Cornelius and his household (10:34-43)
      1. God shows partiality to no man (v34)
      2. In every nation God welcomes any man who respects Him and does what is right (v35)
      3. The message God sent to Israel, one of peace through Jesus Christ, who is Lord of all (v36) was this:
      4. They know about John the Baptist and Jesus of Nazareth (vv37-38)
      5. Peter and those who came with him are witnesses of the ministry and crucifixion of Jesus, (v39)
      6. and witnesses of His resurrection and appearances to the apostles (not to everyone) (vv40-41)
      7. The risen Jesus of Nazareth ordered them (the twelve) to testify to the people that He is the One who will judge the living and the dead, who the prophets declared would bring forgiveness to everyone who believes in Him (vv42-43)
    4. The Holy Spirit falls upon them and they are baptized (10:44-48)
      1. Peter was interrupted by the Holy Spirit before he was through speaking (v44a)
      2. The Holy Spirit fell on everyone who was listening (v44b)
      3. The Jewish believers who had come with Peter were amazed because the Holy Spirit was poured out on gentiles as well as Jews (v45)
      4. The new gentile believers exhibited the same certification signs that the Jewish believers at Pentecost had exhibited (v46)
      5. Peter decided that since they had received the Holy Spirit, no one could withhold baptism from them, and instructed the Jewish believers to baptize the new gentile believers (vv47-48a)
      6. They asked Peter to stay for a few days (v48b)
  3. Peter explains to the church in Jerusalem (11:1-18)
    1. Peter held accountable by the Jerusalem church (11:1-3)
      1. News of Peter’s actions in Caesarea reached the other apostles and believers in Judea before Peter returned (v1)
      2. The Jewish believers in Jerusalem called Peter’s actions into question  (v2)
      3. They charged him with visiting gentiles and even eating with them (v3)
    2. Peter’s defense (11:4-16)
      1. Peter explained in an orderly fashion (v4)
      2. He described his vision in Joppa (vv5-6)
      3. He described his conversation with the Lord (vv7-9)
      4. He described how the vision happened three times (v10)
      5. He described how the emissaries from Cornelius came (v11)
      6. He described how the Spirit told him to go with them without misgivings, and that six Jewish believers went with him (v12)
      7. He described how Cornelius told him of the visit from the angel and the angel’s instructions to fetch Peter from Joppa (v13)
      8. He described how Cornelius described what Peter was supposed to do when he arrived (v14)
      9. He described how he was just getting started on his message to them when the Holy Spirit fell on them just like He had at Pentecost (v15)
      10. He remembered the Lord’s words about John baptizing with water, but they would be baptized with the Holy Spirit (v16)
    3. The conclusion (11:17-18)
      1. IF God gave the gentiles the Holy Spirit the same way He gave them the Holy Spirit, Peter could do nothing to the contrary (v17)
      2. The Jewish believers in Jerusalem were satisfied with his explanation, and glorified God for bringing salvation to the Gentiles too (v18)

Now that we have a clear, detailed sequence of events, we can begin asking some questions in the next post.  In the meantime, I’d encourage you to think about this account prayerfully, asking God to give you an open mind and understanding of His Word directly.

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